The concept and idea behind Fine Art Wedding Photography is a simple one - each and
every single frame is considered. You should be able to take one photograph from your wedding and it should in itself be able to represent the entire day as a whole, carrying within itself the forethought that goes into each single frame as much as the entire wedding day. We do not rely on tricks and gimmicks or the latest instagram trends. Soft spoken luxury is what we are after.

So how do you know if this is the right approach for you?

You are inclined towards looking at the finer details in any situation. You want to feel the details as much as see them. You are an intensely passionate individual and as much as you love the fleeting movement in being in-love you are also particular about having everything perfect. You are about style and understated elegance, you are a leader in your life and demand excellence in every facet of it.

You understand that luxury never shouts.


"...Luke and Valicia have an almost ethereal way to see past the prosaic and find something exceptional..."

- Adinah Cohen



“I have always been fascinated by story-telling. What started as a deep passion for creative
writing soon turned into a more visual medium: Photography. Our wedding photography
and style is built on the premise of mystery, mood and intimacy. Hence the prominent
abstract nature of a large portion of our photographs. It’s of great significance to us
to not reveal the entire story, to regain that mystery that forms part of the nature of love.
It’s how we think and how we translate the world around me.”

Luke has been photographing weddings for the last 8 years full-time and travels the country and abroad. His wife, Valicia, has joined him for the last 4 years on this journey. They are based in Johannesburg where they live with their daughter, Bella.


An incredible story unfolds when beauty meets opportunity.

This is yours

Luminous passion flows quite magnificently
A dance crying out to be heard
Persuading your spirit to honor the motion
So sweetly, as it stirs

A remarkable immersion of inspiring sensation
Uncovers a welcoming glance
Softly held on the face of the persuaded spirit
Who hears the cry of the dance

Gratifying spontaneity demands your attention
Be delighted by the cry that is heard
Inspiring the spirit to gently whirl and spin
To a lovely music without words

Beautiful effortless moves of revealing delight
Are honored without any question
By the spirit who hears the lovely persuading music
Of the dance of spontaneity’s suggestion



Neva Flores



When covering your wedding we take the utmost care to single out the most valuable moments to you, the most exquisite frames and to drown ourselves into what makes your love so unique. We have been photographing high-end weddings for the past eight years and this has taken us all over South Africa and abroad.

In order to maintain our reputation of absolute exclusivity and severe attention to detail we now shoot a very limited amount of weddings a year



• Two Photographers
• Retouching on a minimum of 500 images
• Digital delivery with two years archival included

• In-person wedding consultation


"I would love to get to know you"



• One Photographer & One Filmmaker
• Retouching on a minimum of 500 images
• 8 minute cinematic wedding film

• Full Ceremony, speeches & Dances

• Drone Coverage
• Digital delivery with two years archival included


You have a place in my heart no one could ever have

Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.



Karl Lagerfeld




• 1 - 2 hours coverage
• 50 - 60 retouched images
• Digital delivery with two years archival included


Over the years I have learned that what is important 

in a dress is the woman who's wearing it.


Yves Saint Lauren




When designing our next fine art album concepts we always aim at incorporating the very essence of what our images are. We wanted to create something truly unique and akin to the spirit of a soft spoken luxury. So we partnered with local and international artisans to bring this concept to fruition.

- We present to you our latest Heirloom Concepts -

Printed on 230gsm Italian archival photographic paper and bound onto a backing board, your images are adorned onto something truly incredible. Covered in a swath of silky white genuine leather using international binding techniques that comes with a lifetime warranty.  A white marble profile covered in luxurious acrylic for the perfect glass effect completes the facade. Certified and gloves included.

"I humbly appreciate you having taken the time to look through our offerings, it is with the utmost pleasure that we would love to capture your big day"



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