Dear Friends and Clients

As you can imagine, the current situation has been devastating for the event industry, and we’ve been particularly impacted. We have lost all of our promised income for the next several months, with no end in sight. Running a premium service alongside raising a family has left us financially unprepared for months without work.


We’re writing because we need your help, but we want to do it in a way that helps you as well. We have launched a huge sale in our couple and portrait line(These include family, maternity and corporate headshots). ALL sessions will enjoy a 35% discount.


You don't have to do the shoot now -- you can buy at the sale price and schedule or re-schedule at any time. These also make great gifts for others!


Also, for wedding clients: If you have been meaning to buy prints but haven’t gotten around to it, now would be a great time (we’re offering a 20% discount on prints and albums). If you want an album but have not been quite ready to start the process, you can buy a gift certificate for whenever you’re ready -- we will have a lot of time in the next few months to work on them for you.


We will make the process of ordering products as easy as possible, and get them in your hands as quickly as possible. We have never been more humbled or ready to work extremely hard for you and your families.


To all out future wedding clients who have decided to stick to your current payment plans, we applaud you and humbly thank you, you have no idea how much that helps!​


All things considered, we will always strive to deliver an unsurpassed service and product. As we always have, so we always will....


We appreciate all the ways you have already enriched our lives. We hope you are all staying safe and as well-protected as possible :)