After 9 years in the photography industry I have decided to delve into the world of mentorship. Having done numerous in-formal mentorships over the past years along with a myriad of photographic and lighting workshops, the need for quality one-on-one time has become evident.

In a world that is saturated with 'quick-fix' one-day workshops and classes, it's time we stop and think about what we want to achieve as photographers. It's not a skill that you can simply rush and expect to be fruitful. And that is why I have decided on steering away from the large pupil based workshops and have instead gone down the route of a longer term mentorship. Over the course we will go in-depth into what makes a good wedding photography brand, you will be exposed to my entire workflow from client acquisition to final product delivery. The software I use, the automated systems I have spent years setting up, all will be made available to you, including over 27 hours of recorded material. Not only that, but we will sit and spend time going over:

- Your brand identity

- Your photography study (Technical and Creative)

- Streamlining your editing workflow, including album design

- Your social media strategy

Along with the above, you will have the opportunity to shoot with me as I travel from weddings to fashion to commercial projects, being available to you weekly as we continue to build your photographic brand.

For pricing and info see below:

R 7 500
6 Hours
R 1 999
one hour session
R 1500
two hour session
R 6 999
three months
R 4999
three months
R 11 999
six months
L E T' S  H A V E  A  C H AT  S H A L L  W E

Over an hour session we will cover literally anything that you might find challenging, including but not limited to:​

  • All technical or creative questions you might have

  • Brand identity

  • Facebook ads

  • My entire workflow - Including pre, during and post wedding

  • Album design

  • Portfolio critique 

  • Gear

  • Access to my recorded lightroom teachings. (Includes all presets)

L E T' S  B U I L D  S O M E T H I N G  B E A U T I F U L

A quick chat is great to answer some immediate questions, but how about a consistent check in? This is a more in-depth approach at your development as a premium photographer. In these three months we will cover, including everything mentioned above:​​

  • Twice a month we will get together over a Zoom call and go over any subject you find challenging or wish to develop in, be it technically or creatively.

  • One shoot along. You will get to shoot right alongside me at a wedding, couple shoot or a commercial project.

  • Access to my recorded post workflow teachings (Includes all presets and software trials).

L E T' S  H E A D  F O R  T H E  S T A R S

For the full-time professional or budding wedding photographer, this is the most involved coaching you can recieve. In these six months we will cover all of the above, including:​​

  • Once a week we will have a Zoom session to go over anything you find challenging or would like to develop in.

  • Access to my entire recorded teachings. Over 27 hours worth of teaching, spanning my entire wedding workflow. (Includes all presets and trial software)

  • The opportunity to potentially join Van Luke (Pty) Ltd as an associate photographer after your 6 month mentoring has completed - This will involve second shooting on weddings, portrait sessions, commercial and corporate projects. These will all be paid.

"Im interested in becoming the best photographer I can be"